TAWAN Massages


Our in-house wellness facility provides authentic Thai massage treatments. Peaceful ambiance music, intoxicating aromas, and naturally soothing surroundings cultivate an ideal atmosphere for relaxation. Patrons can pamper themselves with a full range of rejuvenating massage, acupressure, facial, and beauty remedies. Leave your session feeling immediately refreshed and reinvigorated.

For a full menu and more information about TAWAN services, please refer to our website.



Coconut Dream (120 min) – Unique therapy of the entire body which lasts two full hours. The massage takes place with virgin coconut oil, which has been gaining growing attention for its beneficial qualities on skin. 2490 CZK

Back (60 min) – Massage focused on getting rid of pains of the back, the shoulders and the nape. The procedure is carried out by combining techniques of traditional Thai massage and special herbal ointments, helping the body relax. 1390 CZK

Aroma Oil (60 min) – Oriental massage of the entire body from the fingertips of your feet all the way up to the tips of your hair. 1390 CZK

Classic Thai (60 min) – The perfect process of carrying out classic Thai massage is based on the many years of experience of Thai masseuses and their understanding of the energy paths in our bodies. 1190 CZK

For reservations please call: +420 221 634 109

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